If something defines A4 Reggae Orchestra is the capacity to get big hits adding a jamaican flavour and transforming it masterfully. Creating this way a quality music selection that fits either for the version-lovers or strictly jamaican music lovers.

Over 5 years and more than 150 shows done, A4 Reggae Orchestra have been consolidated as a musical project that doesn’t let anyone indifferent and allows who listen to it to fly to Jamaican and England dancehalls from the 70’s.

A4 Reggae Orchestra members:

· Pol “Hitmaker” Cardona (Vocals)

· Paula “Bu” Buigues (Vocals)

· Roger “Bongoroll” Villanueva (Drums)

· Martin “Mato” Anderson (Guitar)

· Otger Ibars (Keyboards)

· Roger Santaeugènia (Keyboards)

· Quim “King Siva” Simó (Saxo)

· Kike “Kikinho” Zudaire (Bass)